More Fall

I personally can’t seem to get enough of Fall, it is definitely my favorite season.  It is so refreshing after having such a long hot summer.  One of the best things is you can leave your fall decor up for almost two months…yay!  

I have a large maple tree in my front yard and it’s leaves are turning a beautiful red, which is my favorite color.  I planted some yellow and red pansies in my front yard, and decked out the front porch with some beautiful mums, pumpkins and gourds.  I kept my porch a little simpler this year compared to previous years.  I found some old apple baskets on E-Bay that I wanted to flank my front door with.  I sat a grapevine wreath on top of each of them and then wrapped some fall garland around each one before topping them off with the mums.  

Instead of a wreath for the door I used a tin cone shaped container and filled it with colorful faux flowers.  I actually have used this for a few years in a row now, but still love it.  

Here are some pics of the porch:


My simple Fall porch for 2016.





My white mums have started blooming and I hope they last a good month at least.



I found some apple baskets on E-bay for cheap.


Yellow is such a cheery color!!

So, happy fall everyone.  Enjoy this season, get those apples, carve a pumpkin and indulge in a pumpkin spice latte’.  I’ll have a few more fall posts in the next few days.  




2 thoughts on “More Fall

    • I never thought we would go so long without seeing each other, time sure does get away from us with life being so hectic. If you are ever coming this way to see your sis, please give us a ring!


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