Fall Vignettes

I‘m not one to decorate every room in the house for the holidays, but I do like to do small areas here and there in the main rooms.  It’s fun to put a few special pillows here and there, or fix up my centerpiece by adding a few touches of the season.  I do put some of the usual decor away to make room for the holiday pretties, but sometimes just adding a small thing can change the whole look of the usual.  

So here are some of the vignettes I put together:


I’m in love with cotton boughs, this is my kitchen table centerpiece.  I usually have a rustic bird on the books, but switched it with a simple small white pumpkin, and I added acorns to the little white bowl.


My big dough bowl is always my centerpiece on my dining room table.  Again just adding the small white pumpkins and a Happy Fall box sign gave this the fall look I wanted.


A new tin pedestal with a green wreath and more small pumpkins looks great on my dining room hutch.


The Vignette has a silhouette of my grand-daughter, Holly.  I made it last year at her mom’s request.  These rustic pumpkins look sweet with this arrangement, I got them at Hobby Lobby.  They were picks, but I just cut the pick off, obviously…grin.


A little decor on my hoosier cabinet.


This pumpkin plate was $4.99 at Marshalls and fit in great on my shelf by the eat in kitchen table.


Here is the whole shelf, which I’m thinking about painting white soon.


I love this wood crate from Michigan, it was used for cherry picking.  This pic isn’t too good, but what I did was set a small antique bench inside it for the small lantern to sit on, the Happy Fall Y’All print (free from pinerest), and then filled around it with the bittersweet and faux leaves.  Again the grapevine mini pumpkins were picks from Hobby Lobby.


This magnolia wreath came from Joann’s Fabric for only $25!  This cabinet sits immediately to the right as you come in my front door.  I have had the tin punch lantern for years, a gift from my hubby.

Well, I have a few more areas that I did, including outback on my covered deck, but I think this is enough for today.  Hope you enjoy what you see.





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