Fall Party Table

I was having a party for a friend’s birthday and being in October I decided to keep with the fall theme for all the table decorations.  I wanted to use things I already had and took to the outdoors to find some organic elements to incorporate into the decor.

I have a crab apple tree in my back yard that had it’s awesome apples looking a beautiful red, some branches with their pretty leaves and there is an abundance of pine cones in my yard from the many pines that surround my house.  I actually use pine cones in my decor A LOT.  Adding in the mini pumpkins as the candle holders  was just cute!  I just can’t get enough of all the array of pumpkins available this time of year!  

So, here is the tablescape I put together:


The colors all blended so well together to make a bright and cheery table for the birthday party.


It was a fun party and I think everyone enjoyed the table as well as the food and just being able to celebrate such a wonderful friend…Martha, we love her.

Have a blessed day,




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