Backdoor Welcome

One last time before I get busy preparing for all the Christmas decorating I wanted to show you my entrance into my house via the garage, and how I added a little fall touch to it.   When I bought this house one of the things I loved about it was this built in bench with cubbie holes for shoes or whatever you wanted to use them for, but I chose to buy some baskets for the three spots so that I could hide things there that I didn’t really want anyone to see.  I keep some rags, doggie sweaters and a small hand held vacuum that I can easily grab if I have a little job I need to tend to with it, instead of getting out my large vacuum.

Whether you are entering my home from the front door or from the garage I want it to feel welcoming.  My laundry room is immediately to the right as you come in and the kitchen it straight ahead.  To the left is the hallway to the living room.  One day I will feature my laundry room.  I am wanting to add some more upper cabinets in there, so will probably wait until I’m closer to doing that remodel.

So here are some pictures of the bench and the wall beside the kitchen doorway you see as soon as you come in.



The silver tray that hangs on the wall was a gift from my bestie, Martha, and I chose to put the verse out of Joshua, chapter 24, verse 15 on it.  So for fall I added the cotton garland which I found at a shop I love in Woodstock, GA called Christine’s Creations.  I don’t think she has a website, but here is her Facebook page if you would want to check it out…Christine’s Creations.  Christine and her husband do an incredible job at re-purposing furniture and always have unique items.  They do sell some antiques and Christine is also awesome at floral design.  I can’t go in her store without purchasing something!  I will probably leave the cotton there as I decorate for Christmas too and just add some Christmas touches to it.

I found the bunny Welcome sign in Monument, CO.  Another BFF, Irene, lives there and there are a couple of super cute shops in this quaint little town I always have to visit whenever I make a trip out there.


Some of you might recognize the Happy Harvest sign.  I got it at Hobby Lobby.  I’m not much into Halloween, so when I decorate for fall I like to go more toward the Harvest theme.  The pumpkin’s are soft and my grand kids have taken off with them many times to play with.  I like having things like this in my decor that I don’t have to worry about being broken or damaged in some way.


So here is my little rustic window frame you see as soon as you come in the door.  It’s just a simple design with a lemon leaf wreath on it.  I found this wreath on Etsy and when it came it was fresh and the leaves laid completely flat, but as it dried the leaves curled like this and I just love it.  I found the Exit sign at a local gift store just a mile up the road from me called Love Street.  This is another store I can’t leave without buying something.  I thought the finger pointing the way out was unique and cute.

I might have one more fall post that has more to do with Thanksgiving before I put it all away and we get into Christmas.  So see you again soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all,



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