My Christmas Fireplace

It’s been a while since I have been able to write on my blog, but I was finally able to get my fall decorations all packed away once Thanksgiving was behind me.  

Thank the Lord for my husband who I had to depend on to bring all my storage boxes down to the basement and then bring up all my Christmas containers, a job he isn’t too fond of!!!  I have a fragile back so lifting anything much over 5 pounds isn’t a good idea!

I started with the mantle, as I usually do, and then I move to the tree next.  But today I am going to just show you the mantle/fireplace, and we will get to the tree and some of the other rooms later.  

This year I added a few new things I had bought at the end of the season last year.  A few of my favorite stores always mark down their Christmas decor right after Christmas and it’s so fun to get some new updated things 50% off.

So here you go, I hope you enjoy seeing what I did this year!


I’ll start with this full view of the fireplace and give you just a little peek at my tree first.


I used cotton boughs, real eucalyptus branches, dried lemon leafs, pine cones, a faux evergreen garland and red berries as my base.  A string of rusty bells hang down from the garland and then I added the CHRISTMAS banner that is made of metal along with our stockings.


I used this print, O Holy Night…, last year and liked it so much I wanted to use it again.  I found it on Pinterest.  The deer were purchased from one of my favorite stores I was telling you about after Christmas last year.


These trees are actually more of a light green.  I love the super mini lights on them and I added the tiny pine cones and a couple white birdies to them.


These candle sticks are made from porch spindles, topped with wood slices from a tree branch and then I used these awesome remote control candles that I got from Amazon, here is the link if you are interested in them, they come in four sizes and with extra batteries.


I have had this rustic snowman for several years and still love him.


The lantern on the right side of the hearth has a faux plant, pine cones (of course), and two faux glass snowflakes I found as picks and cut off the picks, then I added these really cool lights my husband found at Wal-Mart that shut off automatically.  They are called Ultra-slim Wire Lights and are battery operated.  I used them in a couple areas of the house since I liked them so much.

Well, that’s it for now.  I should have turned the fire on in the fireplace before I took pictures, but got ahead of myself trying to get this blog together.  I may have to take another picture or two and show it again later.  

Merry Christmas,




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