Elle’s “Let’s Paint” Birthday Party

A few weeks ago was my granddaughter Elliotte’s birthday party.  Elle is a little artist, she just loves to draw and paint.  Her daddy, my son, Tim is an artist and her mama is very talented as well.  So Christy decided to give her daughter a Paint themed party and put together the cutest fourth birthday party ever.

Tim and Christy live in Virginia.  I go and stay with them for about a week almost every year so I can be there for Elle’s birthday and help Christy with the party.  This year was no different and I love helping.  The decorations were all made by hand.  Christy had a vision of paint everywhere, so we traced, painted and cut out about 60 paint splats.


The paint splats were just made out of poster board and we started with them on the outside of their home first to greet all the guests.  Tim and Christy’s home is over 100 years old.  It is full of character and Christy has a knack for decorating, not unlike her mother-in-law…grin.  So you will see this as you go through the pictures here on the blog.

I had the job of drawing and coloring some over sized paint brushes that would go on the walls and look as though paint was flowing from them across the room.  They were made out of foam board and the paint flowing from them was just your common crepe paper.



So I wrapped some of the crepe paper onto the bottom of each brush and then streamed it to the middle of the room and connected it to the light fixtures.  


Christy’s mom, Anita, also helped with all the cutting and decorating.  Tim chipped in too.  One thing he did was make Elliotte’s name for the centerpiece over the goodie table.


Christy is an excellent cake artist, she used to make cakes for people, but doesn’t do it anymore.  Elle gets the benefit of her mama being so talented and gets a wonderful and adorable cake every year.  I just loved how her “paint” cake turned out!

Another thing I made was the giant pallet for the cupcakes and then Christy made all the cakes and we frosted them all the colors of “paint” we used.  She had the genius idea to use real paint brushes with frosting (paint) on them to put with the cupcakes.


Probably one of the biggest projects we did for the party was the pallet cookies.  These cookies were a work of love by Christy, Anita and I…they were about a six step process. First Christy made the sugar cookie dough and then she and I used a circle cutter along with a very small one and shaped each cookie into a pallet.  Next we piped a boarder of royal frosting around each cookie…let it set, then we did the flooding step with the same white frosting.  Again, it had to set up before we could do the last and most fun part…putting all the colorful paint blobs on each and every cookie.


I don’t know how many we made, but it was about 6 dozen cookies.  Christy not only wanted to serve them at the party but send everybody home with one.  We individually wrapped about half of them.



An easier idea Christy had was to make rice krispie treats into paint brushes.  She simply stuck the large popsickle sticks into each treat and then dipped them into the frosting.  So darn cute!


Another one of the clever decorations Tim and Christy made was the paint buckets that look like paint is pouring out of them on the centerpiece wall and on the fireplace.  She used plastic tablecloths as the paint.



Small canvases were bought for each child along with washable paints and brushes so the children could design their own works of art.  They just loved doing this and they were all so careful and neat as they created their works of art.  



After the kids were finished we hung them to dry and then they were put into large zip lock bags for them to take home.


Christy out did herself.  She thought of every little detail and it all paid off.  The kids also got to play a fun game with prizes and Elle got some amazing presents.  She is into barbie’s these days and is crazy about Trolls from the Disney movie, which is also very colorful and fun.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing this very imaginable and amazing birthday party for our sweet and adorable Elle…I sure enjoyed taking part in it!

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”  Ephesians 2:10

Till next time…love,




3 thoughts on “Elle’s “Let’s Paint” Birthday Party

  1. Hi Rickee,
    There were mom’s and dad’s with their children there, but also relatives. I thought about contacting you while I was there in VA, but it was so busy and the time goes by so fast…maybe next time I’m in town and it’s not for a birthday we can meet for lunch or something.
    I appreciate you praying so much…things are still the same with Mike and his family. I am handling it better, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about them and pray. So sorry about your youngest and that he has been deceived and I’ll be praying about that! Thanks for always being so encouraging!


  2. Oh Brenda, I’ve never been so impressed by such amazing creativity! What a treat to enjoy it thru all the pics! What a blessed little Biryhday Girl💗


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