Fun Master Bath Updates

Hey girls….the few who actually follow me! Just want to say that I appreciate you!  I started this decorating blog mostly as a creative outlet since, as you know by now, I love home decor and making things look “warm and cozy”… plus it’s just fun to do.

I have this small wall in my master bath that I have had a double towel bar hanging on since we moved into our house in 2006, and I always wanted something to hang on that wall above the towel rack, but I never came across anything that I thought would look right.  So, last week I got a brain storm and thought, ” why don’t I just take that towel rack down and give myself more options for decorating it”!?  This wall is above the tub, and has tile surrounding it too, so I had the towel rack kind of high so the towels wouldn’t hang too low and take away from the tile.


I had my hubby remove the rack and spackle the huge holes in the wall, and thank God I still had some of the paint from repainting my bathroom about a year and a half ago.  I love the color!  #SherwinWilliams.  So now I have a lot more to work with.


I’m practically a Pinterest fanatic, and I had seen lots of ideas for decorating above tubs and toilets with shelves and love the look.  Last May I went to visit my BFF in CO and she wanted to do something new above her toilet in her guest bathroom and we did something very similar to what I put together in my MB.  We were very pleased with how it turned out.


So…a trip to the decor stores was in order and as usual I had to check out Hobby Lobby first.  All their shelves were on sale…score!  Another thing I wanted to add with the shelves were a set of hooks, and I had seen some that had a vintage look that I thought would look great with my shelves.  I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted which were three to five hooks mounted on a wood board and preferably painted white.  I ended up finding the hooks I liked, but they were not attached to a board.  



Next I was off to the craft department hoping to find some kind of wood plank boards that I could add the set of hooks to and I found the perfect thing.  It was as simple as spray painting the wood and then screwing the hooks onto it and ta-da I had exactly what I envisioned.


Before I headed out of the fabulous Hobby Lobby I chose some accessories for the shelves that were also on sale, of course!  I knew I had a few things that would work for the shelves, but knew I would need a couple more things.  Several of them were only a couple bucks.  I like to mix different textures like glass, wood, paper or fabric to give lots of dimension to a vignette.  I bought a few glass bottles, but wanted a label for one of them.  Pinterest to the rescue again…by putting “free printable labels” into the search box.  I found some cute labels, downloaded them and printed them off and chose a cute one for my bottle.  It came out kind of light, so I used a fine black sharpie to go over the label and make it stand out more, then I used some modge podge to adhere the label to my bottle.


With my hubby’s help we got both the shelves up and I put up the hooks.  Yay, now the fun part….decorating them.  The “bath” sign was a purchase from Kohl’s several months ago, the ceramic bunny has lived her for many years, but I think he likes his new spot…grin.  A cool rustic candle holder, a bit of greenery and at least one old book and I couldn’t be happier with the results.055




Another change I recently made to my bathroom was this galvanized tin tray.  I had a small little white basket cubbie that sat in this spot for the past 11 years, but I’ll show you what I did with that next.  I found this tray at Love Street and had most everything else I used to put in it already.  Love Street is a shop very close to me that has the most amazing decor, but it can be pricey.  They always give you 25% off of one item when it is your birthday month, so this was what I decided to use my discount on as I just had my birthday last month.


Since I still like the basket cubbie and the bird canisters that used to sit on top of it, I reused them in the “water closet” of our bathroom.


The shelf has been over the toilet and the little birdie thingy that hangs from it is from my friend Irene and it says…Greet the Day with Wonder.


So there ya go….my updates to my master bathroom.  I spent very little with these changes, but I think they made a big impact on the room.  Finding items on sale and using what you already have by just moving it around and re-purposing it can make a big difference.  I hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.




Creativity is intelligence having fun.  ~Albert Einstein

I love how God has made us creative!  We may not all be creative in the same way, but I believe we all have creativity in us because we were made in the image of God and His spirit lives in us and who is more creative than our God!!!  We have the mind of Christ and he has given each of us gifts to use for His glory!

Sometimes I think, how does my gift of decorating give You glory Lord?  I think He is telling me that it gives joy to others and even inspires some.  Also, it gives ME joy and I get blessed big time!  How sweet of God!

I hope your summer is going well and you are staying cool!  Till next time, be creative!


7 thoughts on “Fun Master Bath Updates

  1. Brenda, your master bath is so inviting, practical, yet creative all in one! Love the color & decor and especially the birdie’s encouraging words! 😀 Baths are a great room to post as it can be hard to make room for all the bath needs and yet look so great! Very helpful ideas and you did a beautiful job! Love your master bath design!!


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