Decorating With Vignette’s

Hey Y’all, it’s been a while! ¬†It’s a good thing blogging is not my job or I would have been fired a long time ago…lol. ¬†I follow lots of decorating blogs and most of them post at least a few times a week if not everyday. ¬†I suspect they consider it their job and most likely make an income from this job, so it’s more important for them to pump out the info.

I have been doing a bit of traveling over the last 6 weeks or so, with trips to Colorado and Virginia.  My best friend, Irene, lives in Monument, CO and was anxious for me to come visit so we could do some decorating at her house.  We mostly updated smaller areas, but she was dying to get her guest bedroom remodeled.  She has only lived there three years, but the things she decorated that room with were things she had had quite a while.  She is still working on it and should have it finished sometime in July.

Well, anyway, I guess I should get to the theme of my blog today and that is Vignette’s. ¬†I’m a bit obsessed with doing smaller decorative design throughout my home. ¬†Some of the definitions of vignette are: ¬†Any small, pleasing picture or view and a small, graceful literary sketch. ¬†

I love putting a small vignette together, grouping interesting things that catch the eye, mostly on about any flat surface. ¬† ¬†Sometimes I know exactly what I want to do with the items I have and other times it takes me a while and I will start putting things together, but I will most likely change or add to it over time. ¬†I just put a new one together in my master bathroom, so I’ll start with that grouping.


I have a store very close to me that I’ve mentioned before, Love Street, that has wonderful modern decor and since it’s my birthday this month I had a 25% off of one item coupon and decided to buy this galvanized wire tray to put between the sinks in our bathroom with my discount. ¬†I wasn’t even sure what I would do with it right away, but took it into the bathroom and started looking around at what I already had. ¬†I had everything you see here already, although the mini plant was a recent purchase, (I’m a bit obsessed with small potted greenery lately.) ¬†More on that later.


I have had the small clock for many years. ¬†I have to have a clock to glance at when I’m in the bathroom getting ready, so made sure I used it once again with this design. ¬†


I love the way this looks, but who knows, I may decide something else fits better with this tray, we’ll see. ¬†Next is another arrangement that I just put together. ¬†Little by little I am updating my home as I find things that inspire me.


I found this very old window at Christine’s in Woodstock, GA just this week. ¬†I originally went to her shop to buy a tobacco basket, but felt they were just too pricey, so I looked around the shop and found two much less expensive things and still spent less than I would have for the basket. ¬†This window still has it’s hinges on the left side and the latch, so I just loved it. ¬†


The wire and wood basket is a new find too. ¬†I was browsing at Hobby Lobby and it was a clearance item and once again I wasn’t sure what I would actually put in it, but shopped my house again and ta-da I filled it with no problem. ¬†Once again there’s that fun little potted greenery. ¬†This is a small little hallway that leads to my bedroom and the children’s/prayer room.


I love using old books, if you haven’t noticed, and have lots of them. ¬†I pick them up at about anywhere I can find a good deal on them. ¬†I follow a blog by Sarah at Little Vintage Nest and she showed how she paints books sometimes to match the decor of the room she is using them in…genius, I can’t wait to try doing that. ¬†

Now I will try not to talk so much and just show you some more areas I put together and hope you enjoy the pics.



This is a frame lined with pages from a music book.



Some fun groupings on the shelves beside my fireplace.



I love trying to use unusual items and layering to give visual interest. ¬†This wall vignette is in my half bath. ¬†Ok, just a few more….


A side table in the guest bedroom.


These are a few more areas in the guest bedroom.  I have more projects to do in this room and hope to show you what I changed sometime soon.

¬†Well, I think that is enough for now. ¬†Maybe you feel inspired to do a little vignetting at your house…if that’s a word? ¬†Grin!

As much as I enjoy my home I am reminded by something Corrie Ten Boom once said, ” Happiness isn’t something that depends on our surroundings…It’s something we make inside ourselves.” ¬†God gave me a beautiful home and blessed me with nice things that I never want to take for granted, but if it all went away tomorrow I always have Him , His Spirit inside of me, the source of all joy and contentment. ¬†I’m so grateful!

“But godliness with contentment is great gain” ¬†1 Timothy 6:6

Many blessings to you,






What’s Old is New Again

I took on a big project that I started about 6 months ago. ¬†I decided to paint my old dining room set that I have had since the 80’s. ¬†It’s one of those solid oak sets, with a double pedestal table that holds two large leaves that make it about 10 feet long. ¬†We only use it with the extra leaves about twice a year, but it sure is handy when my whole family gathers for holidays! ¬†I also bought a hutch with it and still remember when we bought it that I thought it was so amazing and couldn’t wait to decorate it.

My hubs, my four boys and I used this table as our main dinner table back then as we didn’t have a formal dining room, so it had gotten lots of use until about the latter part of the 90’s. ¬†It’s had a lot of milk spilled on it…grin!

I started with the chairs just before the holidays last year.  They took me quite a while because I was having trouble with my right shoulder and arm which sent me to Physical Therapy for a bit.  Slowly, but surely I got all six done, they were not easy with all their spindles and cut out design on the back of them!!  But then it was time to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the table and hutch had to wait.

Well, everything is done…glory hallelujah!! ¬†I forgot to take a picture of the table before starting it, but I did take a picture of the hutch so you can see what it looked like before all my manual labor!


I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Old White to paint all of the furniture. ¬†It’s such a great way to go because there is no prep work with this paint, you just dust off ¬†your pieces and start painting.


I had to do at least two coats of paint on everything and sometimes three, but I would water down the paint for the third coat and just go overs the spots that needed it the most.  


After painting everything with two to three coats of paint it has to be waxed.  First a clear wax goes on and has to set just a little bit and then the distressing begins.  I enjoy doing the distressing part!  After I get done sanding and banging on each piece I go back over it again with more wax, but add some dark wax with some clear and antique it to give it that more rustic look.


I’m so thrilled with the way it all turned out and had a lot of fun adding my white dishes to the hutch!


Adding a little bit of greenery gives it a warmer feel and the bird sculptures that I inherited from my mother-in-law that were created by Norman Brumm, (An artist from Michigan),  give some whimsy to the design.  I also love to use old books to help give height to some of the pieces.





Here are a few pics of my dough bowl that I put on the table as my centerpiece.  As you can see I enjoy using cute little birdies quite a bit, they just make me smile.


I’m not quite done painting everything in this room yet. ¬†I have a couple small pieces I want to do that I haven’t shown you yet. ¬†Who knows when I will get to that though…he he. ¬†

I was thinking how by just¬†putting on¬†a new coat of paint on my aging furniture made it look new again, bright and fitting for my space and how it parallels with how our lives are changed when we submit to our God. ¬†In Colossians, chapter 3, these verses speak to me about just this. ¬†“But now you must also¬†put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth. ¬†Do not lie to one another, since you have ¬†put off ¬†the old man with his deeds, and have¬†put on¬†the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him…Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved,¬†put on¬†tender mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering; bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint against another, even as Christ forgave you so you also must do. ¬†But above all these things¬†put on¬†love, which is the bond of perfection. ¬†Col. 3:9-10, 12-14.

Just like it was a decision for me to PUT ON the new paint and refresh my table, chairs and hutch…we choose to put on love and then God can use us to brighten the space we are in and as my dining room set gives me renewed joy, so can we give joy to those around us. ¬†It can be a process, just like it was for me to re-do my furniture, but if we determine to be all we can be for Christ and obey Him, not only do others benefit, but we do!

Grace and Peace Y’all,






My Sunny Guest Bedroom

Life has had quite a few ups and downs lately, so I have gotten behind on a few things like posting on my blog. ¬†I have so many things I want to write about, ¬†and decided since it is Spring I would show y’all my guest room¬†today, because it kind of makes me think of spring. ¬†This room is bright and cheery. ¬†


I found this quilt a few years ago and designed the room around it. ¬†It has red, gold, black and teal in it and the reverse side is black and white. ¬†I’ve probably said this before, but red is my favorite color. ¬†I have been slowly re-doing my home in the farmhouse style, which means lots of neutral furniture, walls and decor and I really love that too, but I don’t think I will ever be able to completely eliminate the color red. ¬†

Above the bed I wanted a big sign and couldn’t find one I really liked, so I made one. ¬†There is this business near me called The Project Studio where you can go and make signs like this and they show you how to do the lettering and have all the supplies and equipment you need to make any kind of sign you want. ¬†It’s such a great idea and lots of fun! ¬†I didn’t need much help because I am pretty good at lettering already, but they have the wood and cut it the size you want and give you any help you need. ¬†



One of my best friends, Martha, bought me a very old shutter that was from a local home that is over 100 years old for my birthday a couple years ago.  It is in pretty rough shape, but I was able to sand it down a bit and clean it up.  It is very heavy because it is a solid wood shutter.  I had to make sure whatever I used to hang it with could hold it up securely!  If it falls it might break apart.  


I found this birdhouse frame at Hobby Lobby and put a favorite picture of my brother, Mike and I in it. ¬†We are about 4 and 5 in this picture. ¬†Some guy came into our neighborhood with this pony and I’m assuming kid’s western wear and was selling photos to parents who were willing to take him up on his grand idea. ¬†I’m glad my folks did.


The other pictures on the shutter are of my dad, my mom, a grandfather and my brother and I again with my dad in our front yard.  I have quite a few old photos. Some are just copies, but I think they are so special.


I put my grandparent’s (my mom’s parents) wedding photo along with a baby picture of me and a baby picture of my grandma Kimble (my dad’s mom) on this window shelf that a dear friend made and gave me several years ago. ¬†I still love it, Rhonda…grin! ¬†This wall is straight across from the bed and has a baby crib under it that has been used for all of my grand kids except our newest grand-daughter who is only 3 months old. ¬†I didn’t show it because it desperately needs to be painted, and I will be painting it white…someday ūüôā


I have a window seat in this room and it’s great for extra storage. ¬†This little suitcase was a fun find on a visit to my best friend’s house, Irene, in Colorado. ¬†It had the perfect colors for the room and is such a cute size. ¬†I think it must have been a child’s overnight case back in the 50’s or 60’s…I’m guessing. ¬†I thought it looked great sitting on the window seat with the pitcher and bowl set my mom gave me.


I found this antique table at a nail salon, of all places!  A local antique dealer put a few of his things at this salon for them to use and hopefully sell and I fell in love with it.  It was painted gray, but I wanted it white, of course.  I am planning on distressing it soon.  


I have been thinking that I might go all white in this room in the near future, but keep the quilt as an accent piece. ¬†I’d love to paint the bed, but I only have about 10 other things I want to also paint white, so who knows if I will ever get to this. ¬†

I have lots more to blog about, so stay tuned for more rooms in my home. ¬†I have to take more pictures, get them downloaded and edit them. ¬†I hope y’all are doing well and are enjoying Spring in all it’s glory.

I think this is an appropriate verse for today: ¬†“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all thing are become new.” ¬†2 Cor. 5:17 ¬†

Grace and Peace,


Elle’s “Let’s Paint” Birthday Party

A few weeks ago was my granddaughter Elliotte’s birthday party. ¬†Elle is a little artist, she just loves to draw and paint. ¬†Her daddy, my son, Tim is an artist and her mama is very talented as well. ¬†So Christy decided to give her daughter a Paint themed party and put together the cutest fourth birthday party ever.

Tim and Christy live in Virginia. ¬†I go and stay with them for about a week almost every year so I can be there for Elle’s birthday and help Christy with the party. ¬†This year was no different and I love helping. ¬†The decorations were all made by hand. ¬†Christy had a vision of paint everywhere, so we traced, painted and cut out about 60 paint splats.


The paint splats were just made out of poster board and we started with them on the outside of their home first to greet all the guests. ¬†Tim and Christy’s home is over 100 years old. ¬†It is full of character and Christy has a knack for decorating, not unlike her mother-in-law…grin. ¬†So you will see this as you go through the pictures here on the blog.

I had the job of drawing and coloring some over sized paint brushes that would go on the walls and look as though paint was flowing from them across the room.  They were made out of foam board and the paint flowing from them was just your common crepe paper.



So I wrapped some of the crepe paper onto the bottom of each brush and then streamed it to the middle of the room and connected it to the light fixtures.  


Christy’s mom, Anita, also helped with all the cutting and decorating. ¬†Tim chipped in too. ¬†One thing he did was make Elliotte’s name for the centerpiece over the goodie table.


Christy is an excellent cake artist, she used to make cakes for people, but doesn’t do it anymore. ¬†Elle gets the benefit of her mama being so talented and gets a wonderful and adorable cake every year. ¬†I just loved how her “paint” cake turned out!

Another thing I made was the giant pallet for the cupcakes and then Christy made all the cakes and we frosted them all the colors of “paint” we used. ¬†She had the genius idea to use real paint brushes with frosting (paint) on them to put with the cupcakes.


Probably one of the biggest projects we did for the party was the pallet cookies. ¬†These cookies were a work of love by Christy, Anita and I…they were about a six step process. First Christy made the sugar cookie dough and then she and I used a circle cutter along with a very small one and shaped each cookie into a pallet. ¬†Next we piped a boarder of royal frosting around each cookie…let it set, then we did the flooding step with the same white frosting. ¬†Again, it had to set up before we could do the last and most fun part…putting all the colorful paint blobs on each and every cookie.


I don’t know how many we made, but it was about 6 dozen cookies. ¬†Christy not only wanted to serve them at the party but send everybody home with one. ¬†We individually wrapped about half of them.



An easier idea Christy had was to make rice krispie treats into paint brushes.  She simply stuck the large popsickle sticks into each treat and then dipped them into the frosting.  So darn cute!


Another one of the clever decorations Tim and Christy made was the paint buckets that look like paint is pouring out of them on the centerpiece wall and on the fireplace.  She used plastic tablecloths as the paint.



Small canvases were bought for each child along with washable paints and brushes so the children could design their own works of art.  They just loved doing this and they were all so careful and neat as they created their works of art.  



After the kids were finished we hung them to dry and then they were put into large zip lock bags for them to take home.


Christy out did herself. ¬†She thought of every little detail and it all paid off. ¬†The kids also got to play a fun game with prizes and Elle got some amazing presents. ¬†She is into barbie’s these days and is crazy about Trolls from the Disney movie, which is also very colorful and fun. ¬†

I hope you enjoyed seeing this very imaginable and amazing birthday party for our sweet and adorable Elle…I sure enjoyed taking part in it!

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” ¬†Ephesians 2:10

Till next time…love,



A Ladies Tea for a Good Cause

I had the pleasure of taking part in a fundraiser today for a ministry that focuses on kids and bringing them to special camps where they have a weekend of fun and hearing how much God loves them. ¬†The fundraiser helps to bring underprivileged kids to the camps that wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise. ¬†

I was excited to help and sponsor a table at this Tea and decided to do all neutrals for my design, it’s just my “cup of tea” right now…grin. ¬†

First I want to show you how I used some paper doilies as part of the design, but I wanted them to look aged.  img_0715

I took some plain white square paper doilies and used some brown chalk from my chalk set and a old paint brush and just brushed the edges of the doilies with the chalk and wa-la…antiqued doilies.


I had so much fun making dessert plates for the Christmas Tea at my church this last December that I decided to do it again for this Tea. ¬†It’s so easy and inexpensive when you buy the white plates at the Dollar Tree and use a paint marker. ¬†I bought the paint marker on-line quite a long time ago, so I can’t remember where I got it, but I have used it several times and it still has paint left in it. ¬†I think it cost me about $6.


As I said this was a fundraiser, so one of the things they did was have a purse auction and each table was to have a ¬†purse as part of the decor that would be bid on. ¬†I chose a taupe purse from Kohl’s and put a vase inside of it so I could fill it with babies breath and mini carnations. ¬†img_0726¬†img_0730

I wanted to use a few old books to add to the tablescape, but I didn’t have enough of them that were neutral, so I covered a couple of them with packing paper as you can see under the little creamer pitcher.


I used things I already had around my house, like the crimped pedestal, the wreath under it and the cute little birdies.


I am really into the cotton boughs lately and always think simple pine cones look great, so I have lots of them around my home. ¬†I have a yard full of pine cones, so it’s awesome to go out and grab some anytime I need them for a project. ¬†Here is the entire look of the table.


Each lady was given her dessert plate to take home as my thank you for coming to the tea and I think they all had a great time.  We enjoyed the food and fellowship, along with the speaker, Anne B. Say,  who inspired all of us today.  Knowing that we helped to raise money today for children who might not be able to come to camp this summer unless we contributed to the fund that will give them the opportunity to come and hear the gospel and be changed forever, makes a person feel pretty good.  

Camp Gideon is run by some amazing people that are so dedicated to pouring their lives into young people and it was my pleasure to help them accomplish their goals for this year.  If you want to check it out,  here is the link for the camps.

Thanks for reading the blog, I hope you enjoy it.

I want to share the verse of the day from my You Version Bible App:  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13 NIV

God Bless,




That Looks Better

Here I am with another small change that I made by re-purposing my butterfly pictures that I used to have hanging over my couch.  Here is the picture of them before that I showed in my last blog post.


I really did like how they looked, but it’s just time to lighten things up as I said before. ¬†I just couldn’t put them away down in the basement with all the other things I have replaced recently since I still love the actual prints. ¬†So I got out my trusty Old White chalk paint by Annie Sloan and painted the frames.

It took about three coats, but this paint dries so fast that it was a quick fix. ¬†I used Annie’s clear wax on them next and then distressed them a bit before going over them with the dark wax that gives them that worn look and seals them nicely. ¬†If it wasn’t such a hassle I would take them apart and also antique the white matting on them, but they ¬†were professionally framed and I could possibly ruin them, so I decided they look fine the way they are. ¬†I gave them a new home in my dining room on the right side of the hutch.


My dining room is a soft sage green and the prints have lots of green in them, so I think they work great here.    I wish my photos here were a little better.  I really need to take a photography class and learn how to take more professional looking pictures!

Another thing that is new in this room is the chandelier.  I had been keeping my eye on a sale for this light for a couple of months and it went on sale just before Christmas.  It is from World Market Cost Plus, and I got it on sale for $127, but even at full price it is still a good deal.  This is how it looked for Christmas:


I love it, not just for it’s looks, but because it isn’t as bulky as my old one was. ¬†This is the best picture I could find of my old one and you can see the wall next to the hutch and what used to be there, so it is a pretty good find I guess, taken in 2012. ¬†I must not take pictures in this room except during the holidays, but will do better at before and after photos from now on.


I can’t wait to get this hutch painted white like the chairs are now, it is going to look so much better. ¬† I think we bought this dining room set in the late 80’s, so it’s past time for a face lift. ¬†Anyway this light was pretty too, but more formal and obtrusive.

I hope you are having a great Sunday. ¬†My husband is happy because the Falcon’s just won against Green Bay and are going to the Super Bowl. ¬†Also, we are in Florida on a vacation this week, so it should be a very nice week. ¬†Take care and God Bless!

I leave you with an encouraging word:

There is no panic in heaven!  God has no problems, only plans.  ~Corrie TenBoom

“Call to me and I will answer you, and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”
-Jeremiah 33:3

All Praise to Him,



A Few Spruce Ups

Once I got my house back together after the holidays I started looking around and decided I needed to change a few things.  

The wall above my couch in our living room has been the same for several years, and although I have enjoyed it, I felt like I wanted to lighten up the look. ¬†I am slowly, but surely, trying to give my home that farmhouse look with more whites and ivory. ¬†I have one problem though…I still love the color red, so I will probably still have it here and there. ¬†

I neglected to take some before photos, but found one that is from Christmas so you can see what it looked like before.


I ordered the butterfly pictures some years ago from and they were too small to put on this big wall, so I went to Michael’s and purchased some bigger black frames, took the glass out and replaced it with foam board that I covered with burlap and then I simply hung the smaller pictures in the middle to give them more size. ¬†

I had a good size old 6 pane window frame that was down in my basement hanging on a wall down there and decided it would look good upstairs where I could enjoy it more and it would be the perfect size for this wall.


Now I just needed to decide how to use it. ¬†At first I was going to find some interesting things to put in each space, but on second thought I decided I didn’t want it to get too busy, so I found an old grape vine wreath and added some greenery to it and hung it with some fine wire from a tiny little nail that is practically invisible.


Next I went on a search around the house for the things I thought would look nice on the shelf and I had most of what you see already. ¬†I did run to good ole’ Hobby Lobby and get the small potted plant (which was half off, yay) and think¬†it is just right.


Next time I do my blog I will show you what I did to re-purpose the butterfly pictures. I had a spot in my dining room¬†that I felt they would be great for and am happy with their new home in my homey sweet home…grin! ¬†

I hope you are keeping warm and toasty during these cold months and ¬†I¬†want to leave you with an encouraging word which I plan to do at the end of each post from now on…

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.  Is. 41:10